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Trail Camera

This is an important characteristic that should be based on how and where you intend to use the trail camera. For example, if you’re primarily handing your camera over a food source then I don’t think camera trigger speed should be the deciding factor when making a purchase. Besides, how fast does a camera have to be to catch a whitetail feeding in a field or over a bait pile? In those instances, the deer are most likely going to hang around for a while before easing off into the distance. Hyper-fast trigger speeds aren’t going to benefit you that much.

However, let’s say you’re hanging your camera over a game trail. Trigger speed suddenly becomes much more important. There’s no doubt deer will be more apt to move quickly through the area; especially if you’re talking about a buck following a hot doe. A slow trigger speed might miss that trailing buck whereas a faster trigger will actually capture him in all of his glory. 

So, consider where your camera is going to be placed before paying extra for ultra-fast trigger speed if you don’t really need it. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.


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